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Engineer Your Success: Join Our ProNetwork

Are you an engineer tired of the hassle of sales and marketing, longing to focus solely on your passion for engineering? If you're a licensed engineer seeking to grow your business without the burdensome task of chasing projects and getting paid, your search ends here. Join the PEforHire ProNetwork today, and let us connect you with reputable clients in need of your specialized expertise.


Improve Your Win-Rate & Reduce the Effort of Chasing Projects


We bring projects to you by matching the client’s specific requirements with your unique skills and experience.


Work With Reputable Clients on Projects of All Sizes

We evaluate and work with well-established clients within our nationwide network to bring you projects that help grow your engineering practice.

Manage Contracts, Invoice & Securely Get Paid


We provide a simple, fast, and secure platform that enables you to send invoices to your clients, ensuring you receive payments promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?
Signing up is a simple 3-step process. 
Step 1: Fill out our
Step 2: Review and sign our contract
Step 3: Download and install Mozzo for invoicing and payments 

How does invoicing and payments work?

We have partnered with Mozzo, a cutting-edge technology built specifically for the AEC industry. Mozzo will facilitate the exchange of contracts, invoices, and electronic payments, as well as track the project budget. While Mozzo is required for all work sourced through PEforHire, using Mozzo is not just limited to your Premium projects. You are free to use the Mozzo subscription for your entire portfolio. For more info, check out

How much does it cost?

Membership in the PEforHire ProNetwork is entirely free. For the projects you successfully complete, clients will be responsible for covering an additional agreed-upon 20% markup, which you must include on each invoice submitted through Mozzo.

How do I start working on projects?
Once you have completed the signup process, we will work with our nationwide network of businesses to identify projects that fit your skills and experience. After a match is made, we will set up a meeting with you and our client to discuss the project details, timeline, and budget. If both parties decide to proceed, you will be responsible for managing your contracts, invoices, and payments through our partner, Mozzo.

Basic vs. ProNetwork?

Flexibility to work on projects that interest you most
Types of projects
Small and simple (e.g., Residential)
Mid to large, complex (e.g., Commercial & Industrial)
Project owners
One time projects (e.g., Home owners)
Multiple projects (e.g., Established businesses)
New opportunities
Passively wait
Active search by PEforHire
None (13% Paid by the Project Owner)
None (20% Paid by the Project Owner)
Work with clients to define project requirements
Facilitated interviews
Competitive market insights

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