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Top 5 Reasons to
Use PEforHire

  1. Reduce Employment Costs

  2. Staffing Flexibility

  3. One Source Staffing

  4. Temp-to-Direct Conversions

  5. Maintain Budget Controls


Insurance Coverage for Your Protection

Insurance coverage provides an added layer of protection and should be a requirement for every contract placement at your facility. We carry a comprehensive package of insurance.

Our Payroll Process

Powered by ARG, we will handle every aspect of the contractor process including employment paperwork, payroll, taxes, unemployment, workers’ compensation, benefits, and more. 

Employer of Record



Nationwide coverage

W2 and 1099 for office professionals


All necessary staffing insurance – Workers’ Compensation, general liability Insurance and professional lability insurance


Insurance certificates for your clients

Payroll Funding & Processing


100% payroll funding

Weekly payroll processing

Process and pay all payroll withholding taxes - FICA, FUTA and SUI

Prepare W-2 statements and annual federal/state tax reports for employees

Employee direct deposit



Authorization (I9 and E-Verify)

Employee electronic enrollment and orientation - new hire paperwork, W4, I9 compliance, employee agreement, direct deposit

Employee benefits offering and reporting


Let's Get Started Today!

Make P.E. For Hire the main point of contact for all your contract engineering needs. On behalf of P.E. For Hire, ARG back office will finalize the employment agreements and handle all of the legal, financial, and administrative requirements for your contract engineering staff. 

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