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Get the Projects You Want, Delivered Right to Your Inbox!

Tired of searching for that needle in a haystack? If you’re a licensed engineer and looking for contract work, search no further. Sign up for instant access to RFPs where you can find that perfect project today!


Get the Projects You Want, Delivered to Your Inbox!


Sign up now and create your online profile. Receive instant email notifications when there's a project for you.

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When you see a project you like, submit an estimate. Manage your proposals and projects with a convenient dashboard.

Safely Get Paid


Ensure you get paid by submitting your invoice through our secure payment processing platform, powered by Once you’ve completed the work, funds will be released. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to submit an estimate?
It’s FREE! Simply browse the list of open projects and submit an estimate for any project you are interested in pursuing. An escrow transaction fee will be automatically added to your estimate. The client is responsible for paying the escrow transaction fee. 

How do I get paid?
After you have been hired for a project and the client approves your invoice, they will place funds into our secure payment processing platform, powered by Once the client acknowledges that the work is complete, they will release the funds to you. 

Am I required to use escrow to receive payments?
Yes. By using our service, you agree to send invoices and accept payments only through P.E. For Hire, powered by Escrow law requires that you verify your identity when setting up your account. Having funds held in escrow protects you. Receiving payment outside of P.E. For Hire violates your user agreement and may result in legal action.

What is escrow?
Escrow is a legal arrangement in which a third party temporarily holds money until a specific condition has been met (e.g., Fulfillment of engineering services).

How do I invoice the client?
Once a client has hired you for their project, immediately submit your invoice from your ‘My Projects’ dashboard. An escrow transaction fee will be automatically added to your invoice. The client is responsible for paying the escrow transaction fee.

When do I get paid?
After you have completed the work, select the ‘Request Release of Funds’ button from your ‘My Projects’ dashboard. Once the client has acknowledged that the work is complete, funds will be released to you from escrow. Depending on the disbursement method you choose, it may take up to three (3) business days to receive payment.

What are my payment disbursement options?

After you have setup your escrow account and the client has placed funds into escrow, you will be asked to select a disbursement method. You have the option to be paid via ACH or wire transfer. There is a $10.00 fee for wire transfers. 

Are there any additional fees?
No. All escrow transaction fees are paid for by the client. However, depending on the disbursement method you choose, you may be charged a small fee.


Why haven't I received any requests for an estimate?
First, check your spam folder for emails sent from ‘’. Second, make sure that you have updated your profile information and current professional licenses.


How do I resolve a transaction dispute with a client?
We encourage each party in a transaction to thoroughly communicate expectations prior to commencement of any services rendered. Should either party be concerned with conduct or results during a transaction, we ask that you first work in good faith with the other party to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. If you cannot successfully do so, you may then ask us for assistance from us by emailing


About P.E. For Hire is an online platform specifically created for contract Professional Engineers (PE) to find great projects, and to connect contractors, builders, and homeowners with licensed PEs.

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